What is this?

Vasario 16-osios Foundation (Foundation of February 16) is a continuation of the initiative of MG Baltic Group ‘Let’s get the original Act of Independence back to Lithuania’. The Group allocated a fund of EUR 1 million to finance researches of the history of Lithuania and other activities approved in the statute of the Foundation.

How long will the Foundation exist?

The activity of the Foundation is defined by the amount of money allocated to it. The Council assessing applications will distribute financing and will carry out activities until the Foundation has funds.

Who can apply to the Foundation?

Natural and legal persons, other organisations and/or their units registered in the Republic of Lithuania and foreign countries can apply to the Foundation for financing.

How will applications be considered?

The Council of the Foundation will hold meetings, where decisions on allocation of funding to received applications will be adopted by majority of votes.

What financing can be received?

Maximum financing per application is EUR 100 000. Full or partial financing of a project can be applied for. Application must comply with the criteria established in the statute of the Foundation

What obligations are assumed upon successful application for funding?

To fulfil the goals set in the application, to use funds to their purpose and submit a report on project implementation. Received applications are considered to be the property of applicants and are not disclosed to protect interests of applicants. Financed and implemented applications can be disclosed to the extent that ensures protection of interests of the applicant, Foundation and the Group.